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Flies In My Living Room

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Three days in a row. Calvin on June 14 2019.

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I came home for lunch yesterday and discovered maggots crawling on my kitchen floor.

Flies in my living room. I have maggots in my living room and hallway. My own L-shaped livingdining area only really works one way due to short walls radiators and an entire wall of windows. But Tuesday morning I was wide awake early so for once got up got dressed took my coffee and headed to my sewing room.

Your own home may not have a living room thats quite so versatileits a sad truth that the smaller or more oddly shaped a room is the fewer ways it can work as a space. MEGA I was either in my hotel room living and speaking as Reggiani or I was on set living and speaking as her she recalled during an interview with British Vogue for their December issue. Brunettevtx on June 14 2019.

There is no flies or food. Im not normally a morning person who pops out of bed early in the morning with lots of energy and ambition to start the day. Oof i just found some maggots in my kitchen and i warned my dad and now i think me need an exterminator l.

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