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How To Mix Patterns In A Living Room

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Start with a large-scale pattern and use it in a big way like wallpaper. When mixing patterns in a wallpapered room using all the mixing rules is very important.

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Rug Pattern Pairing.

How to mix patterns in a living room. Choose one shade and try 3-4 different patterns all in that shade. You need to tie in the color of the seating with the art and the ordered pillows. How to Mix and Match Area Rugs in the Same Room 1.

I have a Persian rug in berry blue cream sea foam green and tan. When tastefully selected and paired by expert designers contrasting patterns break traditional design boundaries and lead to fresh innovative interiors. Here the medium-scale pattern is on the wallpaper and the large-scale pattern is on the duvet.

From pairing velvet and wood to styling stripes with floral here are a few ways you can mix and match patterns textures and colors in your home. Mark D Sikes exquisite living room for the Southern Living Showhouse. Stick with one color palette.

You can also mix and match three different patterns as long as each pattern incorporates at least one of the colors in the three-color story you have chosen. Otherwise it wont look as good as you had expected it to be. Your patterns need to complement one another so if one is bold the other shouldnt be too busy.

A crazy wallpaper works best on just one wall. The easiest way to mix fabric patterns is a monochromatic or rather a color family and white. You dont need to be a designerbut you do need to learn what you like writes.

Dabbling in a pattern or two is fun but diving in head-first is even more interesting. In the space above youll see how weve mixed patterns in in a. My rule for mixing patterns is to match the colors.

If youre nervous to mix patterns together in a room start by trying this simple strategy. It is essential because everything in your room should look unique. From wall art to rugs to throw pillows coordinating one or two colors or patterns across each piece will help tie everything together.

The pillows on the sofa are too big and do not complement the aquacream pillows so you should use them elsewhere. The wallpaper pattern should have a scale all its own. However if done right a vibrant play of textures patterns and colors can be a feast for the eyes adding visual interest to your interior decor and giving your home a lot of personality.

The living room is the first part of a house that people consider when entering the house. Its often simpler to choose your lead pattern first which is generally the largest pattern and the one that contains all. Follow this important rule.

The dynamic movement of the zigzagging pattern directs our eyes towards the centerpiece of the room the feature wall. I always think of animal prints as a neutral pattern that work with just about anything Tip 2. Pick a classic combo like blue and white or pair together pink and green.

Balance masculine pieces with more feminine pieces like a dark sofa plus light-colored floral throw pillows. Choose rugs in the same color family. Whether large medium or small other patterns in the room should not match its scale.

In the following slides Dering Hall designers experiment with a plethora of patterns to create chic. If you arent sure which rug patterns would look good. Animal patterns usually dont read as a pattern so they can be mixed in anytime A peachy custom paint color provides the base for this rich foyer accented with a.

Mastering the art of mixing patterns is all about knowing where to start. Sometimes the easiest option is the best. Back to the top.

When layered together their distinct patterns and textures that speak to you will also tell your story. By using this as the other wallpaper design on the remaining three walls the thick vertical lines help focus attention on the featured wallpaper. I find that burgandy persian rugs are hard to mix with others so best to play with solids there and you should know that two bold patterns are fun but will make your room feel busiersmaller and more energetic which isnt a bad thing.

This is a sure-fire strategy that we use when designing our catalog all the time. Use at least three patterns in your room and distributing them evenly to maintain balance. Whatever combination you choose stick with it throughout the room.

In the kitchen dining area of this Charlotte North Carolina house designer. In other words you have to take care of the showpieces furniture and other items that you will place in the living room. Ralph breaks the only one or two stripes allowed in one space rule.

Okay its time to put this baby into action. If you want to mix and. Mix wallpaper The Cohesive Look of wallpaper patterns.

You can load up a room with graphic black-and-white patterns if you include softeners like scrollwork pillows a rich cocoa sofa and hits of juicy jewel tones purple teal even the emerald green of a plant. Heres the deal you can mix any two rugs together if they share the color palette of each other and definitely the palette of the room.

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