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Aquarium In Living Room As Per Vastu

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Which fish should be in aquarium as per Vastu. According to Vastu scholars having a fishaquarium in a dwelling is considered a good remedial measure for any Vastu defect.

Aquarium placement as per Vastu directions Aquariums are beneficial to place in the North East and North-East of living room.

Aquarium in living room as per vastu. Gold fish is also recommended. According to Vastu Shastra goldfish should be. Wooden dining tables are best according to Vastu Shastra principles.

Avoid keeping the same at any other places in the house. North or East direction is suitable for positioning a fish aquarium in the living or drawing room according to the vastu. Further aquarium enhances indoor atmosphere.

We all know as per vastu shastra that every thing has a sure degree of power related to it. The best direction to keep the fish aquariums is preferably East or North. By no means have beam or girder working alongside the ceiling of the lounge additionally as per vastu for home there should be extra open area within the japanese and northern corners.

Avoid aquarium in south direction as it draws out positive energies from house. The aquarium should be kept in your living room towards north east side. The faults related to north-west corner can be corrected by putting an aquarium.

Place a water fountain in. Which fish should be kept at home. Fish Aquarium Direction Numbers And Color Of Fishes As Per Vastu Shastra Askacharya Where Should You Put An Aquarium According To Vastu Quora.

The perfect place for aquariums in a home resides drawing room. Which direction aquarium should be kept. It is advisable to place a mirror in the dining room as it denotes doubling of food on the table and thereby abundance.

Bring in a peaceful and relaxing vibe by installing a fish aquarium in the north east or northeast side of the living room. It gives mental peace and relaxation to watch colorful fishes moving in water. As per Vastu fish tank or aquarium should be placed in the south-east direction of the living room or the north direction in other rooms an aquarium can become the master key to harmony and success.

As per what is mentioned in the books of Vastu for the living room the furniture should be of the square or rectangle shape and should be placed in the west corner or west corner of the room. Keep your Fish Aquarium in the drawing-room or living room where it is noticeable to every person. Also ensure that the fish aquarium is located in the North or East direction only.

Fish and water the two main components of a fish aquarium each have their unique importance. It can be put in the direction of the North or East. Living room Vastu opposes to place TV in north-east or south-west corner.

In other spaces placing an aquarium brings negative energy and disturbs the peace of mind. Living room is the best place as per Vastu to keep a fish aquarium. As per vastu and fengshui arowana fish flowerhorn fish is best 9 fishes should be kept in an aquarium.

However do remember not to make an underground or over the ground or over head water tank in the Northwest direction. The Southeast direction of the living room is the best place for aquariums in the house as per Vastu. If you want to brighten your room with some fresh positive energy it is advised to hand paintings that exhibit the beauty of nature according to the paintings in the living room as per Vastu.

Fish aquarium vastu master key of 36 must follow living room vastu tips vaastu tips for the living room fish aquarium direction numbers and. An aquarium should not be put in any other room except for your livingdrawing-room. Fishes are a symbol of movement peace calmness well-being prosperity and abundance.

It also stimulates energy flow. Placing an aquarium in the kitchen or bedroom may cause issues associated with food and sleep deprivation. The aquarium works as a beautiful decorative piece in the house that spreads a lot of positive energy and liveliness.

Vastu Shastra suggests keeping the fish aquarium in your living room only. In the living room you cannot place the aquarium anywhere you wish. Can aquarium be kept in Southwest.

Not just a home but also for an office shop school factory and other. Note that keeping an aquarium anywhere else than then living room is a secondary alternate option. Several people enter and leave the house and not everyone carries a positive aura.

The faults related to. What is the best direction to keep the fish aquariums. The aquarium acts as.

Additionally according to Vastu Shastra having a fish aquarium in your house offers several benefits. As per Vastu the best place to keep fish tank. According to Vastu Shastra aquariums should be placed in the south-east direction of the living room.

Aquarium Placement as per Vastu Directions Aquariums are beneficial to place in the North East and North-East of living room. Within living or drawing room locate the fish aquarium in North or East directions. Before you get super exited and rush to place your new or relocate your existing fish aquarium in living room Vastu shastra recommends not locating fish tank in kitchen or bedroom as it causes food and sleeping related medical hassles.

If you want to place an aquarium in any other room you can place it in the north direction. The sheer presence of colorful fish in the living room makes it appear more unique and bright. Here are a few features of the Aquarium Vastu.

It is best to consult a well learned and experienced Vastu Shastra consultant prior to going about making the underground water tank. Keep it anywhere else only when you are not able to place aquarium inside the living room. A fish aquarium is also another elegant item for your living room interior.

Bedroom and kitchen are the two locations prohibited for keeping a fish aquarium according to the vastu as it. Vastu Shastra dos and donts for the living and dining rooms.

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