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How To Build A Fireplace In Your Living Room

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Designing your own fireplace or customizing an existing design is not a specialist job. Frame out the walls of the surround based on the measurement of the electric fireplace insert.

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These brick fireplace ideas will help you elevate your living room to a whole new level.

How to build a fireplace in your living room. The sofa faces the living room fireplace and the chairs flank the fireplace and face the sofa for the ultimate conversational setup. And while a fireplace might not be the greatest most efficient way to heat your home it does add something quintessentially homey to any living room den or master suite. However building one safely to a specific design is.

The Build Fireplace Built Ins The fireplace was installed by the fireplace manufacturers in a basic wood frame that our contractor put up ahead of time. Build Surround for Fireplace Insert. You can determine the ideal size for a zero-clearance fireplace with some simple math.

Start by arranging your furniture around the fireplace. More ornate designs can make your fireplace a focal point of the room and you can choose from an array of touchstone material and color options. Take a sketch of your design ideas to a bespoke fabricator or builder who can turn your plans into a heart warming reality.

A Symmetrical Conversational Fireplace Layout. All fireplaces need proper airflow so that noxious gases are removed from the room. Stop what you are doing and insist that your builder architect or designer draws a floor plan with furniture of your living room that shows the depth of the fireplace wall.

Keep in mind installing an authentic fireplace within your living room requires a qualified contractor to remove walls construct a chimney install the fireplace and craft a mantle on the surrounding wall. Trophies and vases can be placed on top of the mantel and add to your living-rooms interior decoration. Because constructing a fireplace from scratch is difficult it might be wise to consult an expert.

Before bringing a flame into the equation remember to open the fireplace damper so that smoke doesnt overcome your living room. In case youre wondering what that actually means dry brushing is a very simple technique that you can use to apply a sort of a 3D effect to your fireplace. There are very few things that beat the intimacy and the coziness of an open fireplace in the depths of winter.

It takes up 14 of the longest room in my living room. Frame your fireplace with a set of built-in shelves. This highlights the raised sections and adds a nice depth to the bricks.

Measure the width and length of your room then add those measurements together. When you decide to build a fireplace in your living room you may want to make the fireplace the focal point of the room. Although this is an expensive and invasive project for any homeowner to undertake the results are often well worth the required costs.

You can also add doors to cover the lower portion for closed storage. Find the best designs of 2021 and create a timeless fireplace. Try creating a rough sketch of the design and picture how the fireplace will fit into the room.

Measure the electric fireplace and site where you want the fireplace. It involves using a brush lightly covered in paint which you rub over the ridges and bumps in the bricks. Start by making a rectangle out of 24 thats the height and length of your hearth minus the 12 or 34 thickness of the plywood that youll wrap it in then secure it to the wall using 3-inch screws into as many studs as you can.

This is a great way to create a feature wall in a living room. Before taking any steps toward construction it is best to create your design around the location of the fireplace. You will also want to see an elevation of the fireplace wall that indicates the height of the television if you are planning to hang it above the fireplace.

This is another great layout thats all about conversation and face time with your guests. The mantel also serves as a beautiful space for displaying your prized items. There are many different fireplace designs to choose from.

If you live in a cold climate and you actually use your fireplace thats fantastic. Typically you should place your largest seating piece the sofa opposite the fireplace and arrange smaller pieces like your love seat and. Adding a Fireplace to an Existing Home Can Be Done.

If your fireplace does. – Illustrated Blueprints for the following Fireplace Mantel and Surround step by step instructions only for fireplace Shaker Cabinets blueprints Bookshelves blueprints – Exclusive Photos – Tools list – Materials list – 3D SketchUp Model. Cut 2 24s 5ft length for the top and bottom plates of the front wall.

Some aspects you will want to keep in mind before starting the project is the size of your living room where the windows are located do you want a modern look a traditional. Its a beautiful waste of space. Feature walls look best when they are symmetrical so make your shelving units equal in size.

In the living room design above we used open shelves. Sure my fireplace is pretty. In two-story houses choices for placing the fireplace might be more limited but often you can find the 12- to 14-inch space the chimney requires by enclosing a corner of a room or a spare closet.

Wood-Burning Masonry Fireplaces If you want to add a wood-burning fireplace you need space above to get a chimney through the roof. What to Consider. But I live in a climate where burning an indoor fire is unnecessary and my fireplace doesnt function.

Next you can see the cabinets starting to take shape here and the back of the wall that would run up from the mantle.

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