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Painting For Living Room As Per Vastu

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More about living room vastu Vastu tips for Living Room. Prior to me specifying them we need to understand the role a living room plays in a home.

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North- Zone of money.

Painting for living room as per vastu. South direction is the best direction as per vastu for placing trophies framed certificates of your child. With respect to the Vastu colors of the living room the walls should be colored with white blue green or yellow to get as much profit from the surroundings and the environment. Horses especially galloping horses represent strength success peace and progress.

They also draw visual contrasts and evoke vibrancy in the room. Tips on Vastu for a Living Room. Based on your choice and needs you can purchase vastu paintings containing the images of Lord Buddha Seven Running Horses Waterfall with Natural Scenery and allied others.

You can also place these photos in your bed room as well in the same corner direction. This is the one space in the house that deserves a generous dose of art. This artwork is very adept at having a more accessible feel to the gallery.

In Vastu Shastra different colours are ideal for certain directions and rooms in your home and using the right colours can attract healing energy into your living space. Paintings enhance the d├ęcor of a house. All the pastel colors are considered best in vastu shastra.

The living room is an important component of the house which makes the house favourable or unfavourable for residence. According to Vastu painting of the sun is a useful correction for homes having a washroom towards the east and south-east according to Vastu Shastra. In a typical Indian household the living room serves so many purposes be it the entertainment room reading room dining room or even home office.

The right position of artwork is where it adds value to the room. You can hang a waterfall painting or a river picture in the home or office. A living room in the north-west relates to vayu wind energieswhich bring movement and restlessness.

As per what is mentioned in the books of Vastu for the living room the furniture should be of the square or rectangle shape and should be placed in the west corner or west corner of the room. To get peace in your home use South-West corner of your living room to place good and positive photos. Shiva Om Dear Friend This is a rather interesting question.

Important Vastu Tips for Paintings. Recommended paintings for living room-Painting of deep path Flowing river rising sun running horses artificial window. But be careful of placing a fountain near the.

Posters and Paintings Vastu Principles You Must Follow Posters and paintings plays a vital role in enhancing the beauty of any room but using them according to Vastu shall further boost the positive vibes in the house. This is an excellent painting for the living room as per Vastu. Vastu Painting Living Room.

Our classical text bhy the name Chitrakarma has specified as to what kind of art work one cna have in the living room. Its purpose is usually to socialise and interact. It has the power to create more blissful vibrations in your space.

If you want to brighten your room with some fresh positive energy it is advised to hand paintings that exhibit the beauty of nature according to the paintings in the living room as per Vastu. Vastu for Home Locate rooms and parts as per vastu do vastu for each room and part of home. Colors Vastu Directions Colors The Relation Amongst Them.

It is often used to paint the living room in. All Indian paintings are not just religious. You can find and buy paintings as per vastu for both your home and office.

Never have beam or girder running along the ceiling of the living room since sitting under one causes mental turmoil and stress. It is a fact that every single object. General Vastu Tips for Living Room.

Answer 1 of 4. Colour the walls with either white or light green as this promotes a sense of togetherness and affection between the guests and occupants. Painting of beautiful sun or green vegetation improves solar and fire energies towards the east and south-east zone.

The paintings found in India that depict their unique Vastu culture are referred to as Vastu painting. Pictures or paintings of horses have great significance as per the ancient principles of Vastu. Neutral colors are also considered very good in vastu shastra and are recommended for houses and other buildings.

Theyre spiritual as well. According to Vastu Shastra there are certain paintings that attract positive energy when placed in a suitable direction. In-fact as per vastu shastra we should be using very light colors for walls and ceiling of our home.

Ideal paintings for the living room are galloping horses river sun pathway mountain etc.

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